Projections 10: Designing for Growth and Change

The 10th edition of the MIT Journal of Planning, Projections10, is ready! The topic of the issue – Designing for Growth & Change – invited both theorists and practitioners of urban design to reflect upon design strategies that enable or allow settlements patterns to adapt, with ease and elegance, to changes in use, and to present and reflect on design strategies that can readily accommodate growth in demand over time.

The list of seven papers that appear in the issue are included as PDFs below. Digital versions of previous issues of the Journal can be obtained from the Journal's website.


Editorial: Designing for Growth and Change by Andres Sevtsuk (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Introduction by John De Monchaux (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Investing Flexibility: The Lifecycle Options Synthesis by William Fawcett (Cambridge University).

Urban Growth Boundaries: Two American Examples by Grace Cattenacio (Princeton University).

Five Principles for Greenwich South: A Strategic Framework for Lower Manhattan by Stephen Cassell And Annie Barrett (Architecture Research Office).

Mat Urbanism: Growth and Change by Jaime J. Ferrer Fores (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya).

The Objectification of Infrastructure: Elements of a Different Space and Aesthetic for Suburban America by Alexander D’hooghe (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

A Public Service Role for Planners and Architects by Sam Bass Warner (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Continuity and Change in the Urban Transformation of Old Districts: A Case of Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong by Pui Leng Woo And Ka Man Hui (Chinese University in Hong Kong).

Authors' Biographies


The whole issue as a PDF (23 MB).