UNA Rhino World Tour

During spring 2015, the City Form Lab is going on tour to introduce the new Urban Network Analysis Toolbox for Rhino at various universities, design, planning and engineering firms around the world. 

The UNA toolbox for Rhino can be used to calculate accessibility indices, estimate the flow of pedestrians or traffic over spatial networks, or find alternative route options for urban design, planing and architectural design applications rapidly and natively within the Rhino design software environment. Having UNA metrics in Rhino allows one to analyze how a specific spatial designs and networks perform on the fly, and to incorporate the analytics into a fast and iterative design process, where networks can be designed, evaluated and redesigned in seamless cycles. Users have the ability to create and edit networks from any Rhino curve objects, making the design-analysis-redesign process simple and intuitive. The analytic options available to the user have expanded from the previous ArcGIS toolbox, offering you more precise control to analyze exactly what they need for every unique spatial network problem.

The UNA tour started with a presentation of the new toolbox at the ARUP headquarters in London in January 2015 and will continue through Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas during spring and summer 2015. Stay tuned for workshop announcements at different universities and firms on this website.

If your institution is interested in hosting a UNA Rhino workshop, please get in touch by emailing us at cityformlab[at]mit.edu

City Form Lab team.