Parametric Urbanism workshop in Singapore / MIT-SUTD

In Spring 2013, the City Form Lab is collaborating with the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT to host a joint urban design workshop in Singapore. The workshop, involving MIT 11 graduate students from architecture and planning, investigates how contemporary built environments can be understood and improved via spatial parameters – broadly defined as variables of the an urban system whose change affects other aspects of the system.  The workshop aims to uncover some of the key parameters that contribute to the quality of built environments and explore how such parameters can be changed to accommodate future demands on a place without compromising its existing qualities.

The specific sites – Bugis and Punggol (shown below) – are used as case studies for the investigation.The is grounded in contemporary urban design theory; it will generate an applied report describing the potential discovered on the two study sites, and possibly an exhibit in the summer of 2013.